Takedown Notice to Shopify.com

A hosting service is a business that conveys a mix of customary IT capacities, for example, framework, applications (programming as an administration), security, observing, capacity, web improvement, site facilitating and email, over the Internet or other wide region systems. A hosting service provider is a sort of Internet facilitating administration that enables people and associations to make their site available through the World Wide Web.  Shopify, Inc. is a Canada company that provides content delivery network services, Internet security and distributed domain name server services, sitting between the visitor and the Shopify user’s hosting provider, acting as an intermediaries for websites.

Every website is facilitated by the hosting providers who give web services. We had our client, whose copyrighted work has been copied by the infringer. The content was a word phrase made by the client’s thought which was utilized by the infringer. The customers get confused as the similar phrases are seen in both the websites. Taking the advantage of the online presence of the client’s goodwill, infringer carried to utilize the characteristics of a product from the website. As the product were remarkably well known, abusing this, the infringers used to formulate his product similar to that of our client with no assent, which was their actual goal to mislead the customers.

Our client’s artistic work has been expressed in that product in their website, which was replicated by the infringer. Such duplicating of one’s appearance would be named as Copyright infringement. This infringement make confusion regarding the originality of the website. Though the host is a Canadian but it also follows the Law of United States. Now, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) comes into picture. Digital Millennium Copyright Act offers insurance to the owner of the copyrighted work whose thought has been communicated in an artistic way. It is a law of USA, where it criminalizes the copying of pictures, sounds, articles over which copyright exists. Copyright Act expands the controls for copyright infringement on the web.

   Before Removal                                                After Removal

As there exist a copyright infringement, the expert of Lex Protector International Law Office knows how to give Copyright Notice to the hosting provider. With necessary drafting, the notice has given to the host conveying the outcomes of the infringement. Lex Protector practicably took down the infringing substance from the alleged website. Lex Protector has various tools together to solve the cases in less time and give 100% customer satisfaction.

Issuing a DMCA notice isn’t an easy undertaking. There are various key points that needs to be fulfil in order to make a legal notice. There are unmistakable genuine outcomes in the event that you send anything incorrectly in the notice. Accordingly it is constantly encouraged to coordinate a specialist in this field of Intellectual Property Rights.


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