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Professional, courteous, and delivered on time. Very easy to work with and will work with them again for future contractual needs.


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This firm worked quickly and effectively to help me a cease and desist done in India. It saved me a lot of aggravation. I would use them again if I had a similar problem. Fantastic work. They did what I couldn’t do, and I’m a very determined person.

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This firm worked quickly and effectively to help me a cease and desist done in India. It saved me a lot of aggravation. I would use them again if I had a similar problem. Fantastic work. They did what I couldn’t do, and I’m a very determined person.

David A

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LexDMCA have experienced and professional attorneys. I was privileged to work with them on some items and will certainly work with them in the future. I have met with them in person and found them to be just as professional.

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Principal, DJAB Networks

E-commerce Takedown Packages

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  • Notice to Infringing Website or HostNotice will be sent either to the e-commerce website or the host of the website.
  • Claimed Links (1-2)You can give 1- 2 links under this pack
  • Filing Period (3-7)It will usually take 3-7 days to send the notice.



  • Notice to Infringing Website and HostNotices are sent to the infringing website and the host.
  • Claimed Links (up to 5)You can give up to 5 links under this pack.
  • Filing Period (2-4)It will usually take 2-4 days to send the notice



  • Notice to Infringing Website and HostThis includes DMCA take down notices to the infringing e-commerce website and the host along with Cease and Desist Notice (if required).
  • Claimed Links (up to 10)You can give up to 10 links or a complete website takedown.
  • Filing Period (24-48hrs)It will usually take 24 Hours-48 Hours to send the notice

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Frequently Asked Questions

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Under the DMCA, copyright holders and their agents can demand the removal of content that was posted without their permission. This takedown notice must be filed by the copyright holder or a representative and sent to the DMCA agent the service provider has appointed.

An e-commerce platform is a software that enables purchasing and selling over the internet. It allows sellers to manage virtual assets, digital sales, and marketing in one central platform. Examples of popular e-commerce platforms are Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Big e-commerce, etc.

You can send a DMCA notice yourself, or you can hire a DMCA expert to do it for you. It’s better to consult with a DMCA professional to ensure the Takedown Notice is drafted correctly. If you own a lot of content, you’ll likely discover that your copyrights are infringed often so it would save you time to hire a DMCA expert and monitor such content.

An E-commerce platform mainly is a platform to sell goods and hence infringements are related to those goods. These infringements can be photographs, videos, logos, brand names, or designs of the product. If you are not sure if the content is infringing yours or not and if it can be taken down or not then consulting an IP expert would be best.

Sending a DMCA takedown request should be done as soon as you find infringement-related content online. However, it might be simpler to say than to do, not all infringing content is discovered immediately, and some people are not sure whether their work is even covered by copyright laws. Thus, it is better to consult a DMCA expert to have clarity.

After a DMCA notice is filed infringing content might be taken down anytime within 48 hours.

Original brand value decreases when someone copies a brand and its reputation is harmed. The copyright owner is also affected economically.

When a site owner or web host obeys your DMCA notice, this does not mean that you are going to get reimbursement. If you want to be paid damages, you have to contact a lawyer and discuss your options. Keep in mind that while your material doesn’t need to be registered with the Copyright Office for you to use a DMCA, registering makes it more likely that you’ll get compensation for infringement if it happens.

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