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  • Notice to Infringing Website or HostNotice will be sent either to the website or the host of the website.
  • Claimed Links (1-2)You can give 1- 2 links under this pack
  • Filing Period (3-7)It will usually take 3-7 days to send the notice.



  • Notice to Infringing Website and HostNotices are sent to the infringing website and the host.
  • Claimed Links (up to 10)You can give up to 10 links under this pack.
  • Filing Period (2-4)It will usually take 2-4 days to send the notice



  • Notice to Infringing Website and HostThis includes DMCA take down notices to the infringing website and the host along with Cease and Desist Notice (if required).
  • Claimed Links (up to 25)You can give up to 25 links or a complete website takedown.
  • Filing Period (24-48hrs)It will usually take 24 Hours-48 Hours to send the notice

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions You Want To Know

Copyright is a right on which the author or the owner of the work excludes other to copy their work. In other words, a work should be represented through its original owner and no one can copy the work without authorization. The work may help the owner to generate revenue as well.

DMCA i.e. Digital Millennium Copyright Act is an Act which helps in enforcing the copyright of the owner in United States jurisdiction. But a copyright enforcement is for all other countries where the infringements have taken place. DMCA is limited to those servers who follow DMCA, on the other hand copyright enforcement is broad that helps to enforce the owner’s right all over the world.

Once you agree to enforce your rights the infringements would be directly removed from the website or the infringement account may get restricted access, hide Infringing Content on the basis of jurisdiction.

It may take 24 hours to 5 working days to send the first notice, depending upon the nature of the case.

You need to do a violation search at a regular interval in order to get the knowledge that your copyrighted work has been infringed.

Yes, if the work is your original work you may send a counter-notice against the takedown. Later the complainant has to prove that the work he was claiming is his original work.

Yes, sometimes the infringements cannot be seen on the website but the infringements may be in Google cache.

In general, copyright is enforced under several copyright treaties out of which Berne convention is an important one. The Berne convention is used for enforcement of copyright along with the national laws.

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