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₹15000 + Copyright Govt Fee

  • Time period(4 – 5 days)It will take 4 – 5 day time to file your copyright application with the copyright office.
  • Area coveredIt will cover all the artistic and literary works. e.g. Album


₹18750 + Copyright Govt Fee

  • Time period(2 – 3 daysIt will take 2 – 3 day time to file your copyright application with the copyright office
  • Area coveredThe registration will be on music and website.


₹26250 + Copyright Govt Fee

  • Time period(within 48 hrs)It will take maximum 48 hrs time to file your copyright application with the copyright office
  • Area coveredIt will cover any subject matter. e.g. Computer software, movie

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions You Want To Know

Copyright is an exclusive right given to the creator or the owner of a literary or artistic work. Copyright allows the owner to gain economic and cultural benefit from the work. This also encourages future creativity and development and checks infringement.

Copyright covers all forms of literary, artistic and dramatic works. Literary works include novels, poems, plays, reference works, newspapers, computer programs, databases, films, musical compositions, etc. whereas artistic work includes paintings, drawings, photographs, choreography, sculpture, architecture, advertisements, maps, technical drawings, etc.

Yes, you can get copyright protection on your website. Protection will include the text contents, images, the design/outlay of the website and other forms of copyright.

Copyright registration will help you to enforce your rights. In a successful litigation, you may be eligible for statutory damages and attorney’s fees. If registration is done within 5 years of the publication that would be considered as a prima facie evidence in the court of law.

Copyright registration is given to the artistic and literary work. The registration would depend on the nature of the work. On the other hand, copyright protection is not conferred upon names.

No, copyright protection is not available to ideas, concepts or methods. Once these ideas are expressed only then you can get copyright protection on the expression.

Once you submit all the required documents, it may take minimum of 3 months to 4 months for grant of the registration certificate, provided you do not get any objection from the registry.

The copyright registration of your work shall be protected in all Berne Convention countries i.e., the countries who are signatories to Berne Convention. There are approx. 172 countries out of 190 countries in the world.

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