Google Cloud Removal

Google Cloud is a platform that is provided by Google is a set of cloud computing service that provide hosting services to its users. It is a web hosting service that make a website to operate through world wide web. It also provide data center space and internet connectivity for other servers located in their data centre.

There was a website, who have copied an article of our client and posted at their website. The article is our client’s intellectual property and the infringer had copied the same and gives an impression that he is the original author of the work, without any consent from the owner of the copyrighted work. The act create huge loss to our client and the question of ownership comes into picture.

The infringing website has copied the exact article over which our client has exclusive rights, which can be termed as Copyright infringement. Here DMCA comes into picture i.e Digital Millennium Copyright Act which is the stringent law in United States that gives an exception to the hosting provider where they are not liable for the copyright infringement if the hosting provider get the knowledge that the website is infringing someone’s copyright and act expeditiously.

Before Removal                     After Removal

As the article was our client’s valuable asset, the experts of Lex Protector International Law Office managed how to take-down notice to the hosting provider of the infringed website. Team Lex Protector viably have the ability to take down the infringing content from the Google cloud. Lex Protector has various tools to resolve the cases in least time period and tries to give 100% client satisfaction.

Issuing notice to Google cloud isn’t an easy task. There are negative results in case you send anything incorrectly in the notice. The notice has to draft in precise manner stating over the web. Thus it is always advised to take a help of an expert in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.


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