The present propelled medium has given the degree to the overall public for offering the things over which they hold Intellectual property rights. There are various online business portals which helps in offering those things in the electronic medium. Some were in the weakness for abusing over these methodology of advertising. One of the greatest market in the electronic medium is Amazon. Amazon has its retailer site at different countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom.

At every amazon retailer site, there are distinctive client confronting storefronts i.e. sellers, who are involved with offering their own specific things at the site. We had our client who was secured into the offering of his own stamped designer jewellery at and what’s more isolated site. As those things were uncommonly famous, misusing this, those infringers used to offer the things with no consent. These infringers used to copy the original pictures and replicating the products belong to them, which was their true objective to misdirect the customers.

One of the client facing facade has its retail storefront at and had copied comparative results of the designed jewellery of our client and posted on their thing, which would be an unmistakable occurrence of Copyright infringement. This infringement make massive disaster to the client in their business. At this intersection, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 1998 comes into picture. It is the stringiest law in US as it criminalizes the age of pictures, sounds, articles, etc. where copyright exists. DMCA extends the disciplines for copyright infringement on the web.

As there exist a copyright infringement, the experts of LexDMCA made sense of how to give DMCA Copyright Notice to the organization of With authentic and significant manner, the notice has given to the amazon communicating the consequences of the infringement. Group Lex Protector viably have the ability to cut down the infringing substance from Amazon site. LexDMCA has diverse mechanical assembly to appreciate the cases in least time allotment and give 100% client satisfaction.

Issuing DMCA see isn’t a basic endeavour. There are distinctive real results in case you send anything erroneously in the notice. Thusly it is always urged to direct an expert in this field of Intellectual Property Rights.


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