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Today’s digital medium has given the scope to the people for marketing the products over which they hold Intellectual property rights. There are many e-commerce portals which help in marketing those products in the digital medium. Some were in the habit of taking advantage of these process of selling. One of the largest markets in the digital medium is Walmart.

The website has various storefronts i.e. sellers, who are engaged in selling their own products at the website. We had our client who was engaged in the selling of his own branded perfumes at as well as on his own website. As those products were highly in demand, taking advantage of this, those storefronts used to sell the products without any consent. These infringers used to copy the exact product images as well as the description in order to mislead the customers.

One of the United States website came across Walmart and found that their copyrighted images were used by unauthorised sellers, which would be a clear case of Copyright infringement. This infringement makes a huge loss to the client in their business.

At this juncture, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 1998 comes into the picture. It is the stringiest law in the US as it criminalizes the production of images, audios, videos, etc. where copyright exists. DMCA increases the penalties for copyright infringement on the internet.

Before Removal                                                              After Removal

As there exists a copyright infringement, the experts of Lex Protector International Law Office managed to provide DMCA Copyright Notice service to With proper and valid format, the notice was given to the Amazon stating the consequences of the infringement. Team Lex successfully be able to take down the infringing contents from Amazon website. Lex Protector has the various tool to solve the cases in the least period of time and give 100% client satisfaction.

Issuing DMCA notice is not an easy task. There are various legal consequences if you send anything wrong in the notice. Hence it is always advised to consult an expert in this field of Intellectual Property Rights.





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