As far back as the appearance of the Internet, content creation ventures have griped of online infringement. Most copyright holders think that it’s hard to screen online theft. Little copyright holders scarcely have the assets to exploit notice-and-takedown, the framework for having encroaching substance expelled from the Internet, substantially less what it takes to distinguish in excess of a small amount of illegal duplicates of their works.

The developing interest of porn sites draws the attention of some free riders and online infringers to duplicate and transfer the copyrighted pictures, recordings or contents in order to commercialize and to earn some easy profits without discharging the required resources to obtain those exclusive contents.

As per the data provided by our client relating to the infringement, we have properly intervene in to the matter and discover a massive copyright infringement with results to the said infringement as per the clients complain. By following the request of the client we have drafted the DMCA notice under Digital Millennium Copyright Act along with appropriate evidences relating to the infringement and supplied it to the infringing website and finally take down the alleged infringing contents.

Pre removal Screenshot

Post removal Screenshot


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