Amazon being the largest online platform provides great opportunities to enterprises to offer their products to consumers. As the platform is huge, there is a large probabilities of challenging the violation on different lawful privileges of the merchants who have their retail front at Amazon.

Our client was into offering of jewellery at . One of the competitor listed himself as the seller in our client’s product without our client’s authorization and with a malafide intention.

Affect of Copyright Infringement

  • Monetary Loss due to listing as seller in same product
  • Confusion in the mind of consumers as to who is the original seller
  • Loss of Goodwill since the infringer quality of service was not as par to our client
  • Mental Agony since there was a loss in the business

To protect the interest of our client, a DMCA takedown notice was filed to to de-list the infringing seller.

Steps to file DMCA takedown Notice

  • Identification of the infringement
  • Collection of evidence
  • Comparison of Infringing URLs and Original URLs (Our client’s URL)
  • Preparation of the DMCA takedown Notice in proper format and with reference to facts and evidence
  • Sending the notice to

After the notice was filed, removed the infringing seller giving our client relief.  SUCCESS.

Lex DMCA has different mechanical social gathering to esteem the cases in minimum time and give 100% client satisfaction. Issuing an infringement notice isn’t a straight forward endeavour. If the notice isn’t proper then it will attract several outcomes. So it is advisable to always take help of a specialist while dealing with copyright infringement or any other infringement.


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