Adult Content Removal Through a Cease and Desist Notice From

A Cease and Desist Notice is a letter sent to an individual or business that is taking part in unwelcome or illegal conduct. The Cease and Desist goes about as a formal demand that the beneficiary (“stop”) and not proceed with (“halt”) this conduct. If the receiver of the letter fails to comply the legal demands of the sender should be ready to face the legal consequences. Cease and Desist letter should be used in cases of copyright infringement.

In the era of internet the possibility of infringement of the copyrighted pictures and videos in order to enjoy the easy money without discharging any intelligence is growing day by day and due to which the benefit of the original copyright holder get infringed, which amounts to a great loss not only to him but also to his organisation also.

As indicated by our client, we have explored in to that issue and found a copyright infringement and as per the request of the client sent a Cease and Desist notice to the website by informing such copyright infringement and successfully taken down the infringing content.

Before Removal Screenshots


After Removal Screenshot

At Lex Protector International Law office, we give fast mitigation and adequate IP approval to our clients with authentic legitimate framework and due assurance. Here at Lex Protector International Law office our legal gathering is continually on edge to help and guarantee the academic right and pass on proper answers for safeguard the benefits of our customers.

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