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In the recent tread of social networking, the demand towards open and free messaging, status uploading and comment providing is just like a hot cake to which everybody showing his interest. The social networking is an open medium for conversation through which we can interact and stay connected remotely and remain in touch with our friends and family.

The social networking websites are booming their activities in such a way that, we can found the usage of social networking websites not only in social life but also in corporate life. Big corporate houses, government and non-government entities are using social networking websites for identity recognition, publicity and data collection purposes.

The goodness of a novelty is usually misused by some evil minded persons with the intention to defame, mislead and corrupt the social and corporate status of a person, company or government agency in order to satisfy their personal grouse or business rivalry.

As we are living in the era of technological advancement, where human intelligence is the spinal cord of all knowledge base industry, the safeguard and enforcement of such intellectual property is highly probable.

As per the information from our client we have properly investigated the matter and found some video of our client has been copied and uploaded on to the infringing website with some negative and abusive comments about our client and his company as well. The video which was posted on the infringing website are the copyrighted works of our client, to which some unprofessional persons have misinterpreted to defame our client and to his company. The infringing website is a social networking domain where anybody can share his/her personal life and communicate with the members of the website under a permitted status. Here we had recognized the infringement of DMCA i.e. Digital Millennium Copyright Act, relating to the unauthorized usage of copyrighted works of our client and according to the provisions of DMCA we have successfully taken down and remove the infringing contents.

Before Removal screenshot

After Removal Screenshot

Here at Lex Protector International Law Office, we understand the true value of intellectual property right and provide proper safeguard and IP enforcement to our clients. Finally, the last but not least at Lex Protector International Law Office we are always there to help our clients and assure 100% satisfaction.




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