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The is the one of the leading porn site where we can find exclusive porn videos, according to demand of viewers. Here in we can see so many porn stars, who are performing their shows. Account holders and viewers can also post some porn videos according to their choice. We all know that the both the producer and performer are protected under copyright and related right respectively.

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The growing demand of porn sites attracts some free riders to copy and upload the copyrighted images and videos of the original performers to earn easy money, for which the right of the original copyright holder infringes and amounts to great loss to him and his career.

The infringement related to unauthorized postage of copyrighted images and videos, which are performed and played by original copyright holders, are so common now-a- days. Due to such illegal activity both producer and performers are facing loss of business and confusion among loyal viewers and customers relating to the genuine source of the image and video.

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As per our client’s request we have gone through the case and found a copyright infringement. The infringing website is a US based website and is abide by the rules of DMCA i.e. Digital Millennium Copyright Act. For the removal of the infringing content, which is belongs to our client we have taken proper regulatory steps and finally taken down and remove the infringing content from the infringing website.

At Lex Protector International Law office, we provide fast relief and adequate IP enforcement to our clients with proper legal framework and due diligence. Here at Lex Protector International Law office our legal team is always eager to help and protect the intellectual right and deliver proper remedies to safeguard the rights of our clients.


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