DMCA restriction/removal for abusive comments and copyright infringement from the website

Web-based social networking has changed our methods for correspondence by giving moment data to distribute and pitch nearly anything. What’s more, web-based social networking gives showcasing chances to moment, mass distribution of substance including everything from tweets, photographs, online journals and connections to content. In the event that online networking is a piece of your business system.

As the ubiquity of online networking develops, the measure of substance that is posted and shared among web-based social networking clients skyrockets. Clients can post or re-post their own particular or any other person’s substance via web-based networking media destinations, including copyrighted substance.

Copyright law protects “original works of authorship,” including photographs, videos, and blog posts posted on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.  As a general rule, a person who creates an original work of authorship owns the copyright in the work.

Copyright holders have various selective rights, including the rights to rights to reproduce, distribute, and publicly display their works. Sharing someone else’s copyrighted work via web-based networking media destinations embroils a few of these selective rights, and constitutes encroachment unless a permit or consent is acquired from the copyright holder or the utilization falls inside the domain of “reasonable utilize.”

If you think someone has used your copyrighted work without your permission, you must let that person know that he or she has infringed your copyright, and ask them to give you credit for it or take down your work or remove it permanently.

As per the information from our client we have legitimately inspected the issue and found some video and pictures of our customer has been duplicated and exchanged on to the site with some defamatory and abusive comments about our customer and about his professional life. The video/image(s) which was posted on the infringing site are the copyrighted works of our customer, to which some unprofessional individuals have frustrated to criticize our customer. The infringing site is a social communication space where anybody can share his/her own life and talk with the people from the site under a permitted status.

Pre Removal Screenshot

After proper scrutinization we had perceive the encroachment of DMCA i.e. Digital Millennium Copyright Act. By adopting appropriate system under DMCA, we have effectively brought down the infringing content and re-establish the legitimate right of our client.

Post Removal Screenshot

Here at LexDMCA, we fathom the bona fide estimation of the legitmate right and give suitable safeguard and IP authorization to our clients. Finally, we are upbeat to give lawful help to our clients at any phase of infringement and guaranteed to re-establish their right with 100% fulfilment.


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