In the current tread of long-range informal communication, the use of social networking has reached to a very challenging position. We can find everybody is directly or indirectly using social networking for personal or professional purposes. So many websites are providing the social facility, which is an open platform to communicate, share and comment upon their personal life or professional life.

As we know everything has a limit to operate his work and to perform his capacity. The social networking is an open platform to provide comment but it must not violate or defame any individuals privacy or reputation. We can see the users are not so aware of what to post and what not to post over social networking website, which invites so many problems relating to defamation, copyright or trademark violation, etc. It is very unfortunate that some people are using this open social networking system to defame others and to take advantage of and mislead the clients of some reputed professionals and business houses.

According to the data from our customer we have rightfully examined the issue and discovered some video and images of our client has been replicated and transferred on to the website with some negative and harsh remarks about our client and about his personal and professional life also. The video/image(s) which was posted on the infringing site are the copyrighted works of our client, to which some amateurish people have confounded to stigmatize our client. The infringing site is an interpersonal interaction space where anyone can share his/her own life and speak with the individuals from the site under an allowed status. Here we had recognized the infringement of DMCA i.e. Advanced Millennium Copyright Act. Our client is running his own website through which, she provides exclusive services to his subscribed customers according to their demand. Due to the unauthorize postage, our client was facing a loss of business and professional reputation. By adopting proper framework under DMCA, we have successfully taken down the infringing contents and restore the legitimate right of our client.

Here at Lex Protector International Law Office, we comprehend the genuine estimation of the legitimate right and give appropriate defend and IP enforcement to our clients. At long last, we are happy to provide legal support to our clients at any stage of infringement and assured to restore their right with 100% satisfaction.


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