Our client’s thoughts were communicated on that specific site, which was replicated by the infringer. Such duplicating of one’s appearance would be named as Copyright encroachment. This encroachment makes confusion regarding the originality of the website. Now, Copyright Act comes into picture. Copyright act offers insurance to the proprietor of the copyrighted work whose thought has been communicated in an aesthetic way. It a law of Canada where it criminalizes the replicating of pictures, sounds, articles, and so forth finished which copyright exists. Copyright Act expands the controls for copyright encroachment on the web.

Before Removal                                 After Removal

As there exist a copyright encroachment, the specialists of Lex Protector International Law Office understands how to give Copyright Notice to the hosting provider. With true and critical arrangement, the notice has given to the host conveying the outcomes of the encroachment. Gathering Lex Protector feasibly can chop down the encroaching substance from Amazon site. Lex Protector has various mechanical get together to value the cases in slightest time assignment and give 100% customer fulfilment.

Issuing a copyright infringement notice isn’t an easy undertaking. There are unmistakable genuine outcomes in the event that you send anything incorrectly in the notice. Accordingly it is constantly encouraged to coordinate a specialist in this field of Intellectual Property Rights.


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