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Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service company. It has given the scope to all the people over the world to introduce themselves in the digital medium. It also enhances the organization, groups, societies, etc. This medium helps the people or the organization for their business purposes. As this medium is used worldwide, so the chances of being getting popular is easy. Thus many of them used to advertise their products and services through this channel.

We had our client whose copyrighted work has been infringed by other party who was active on Facebook. The infringer used to copy the client’s copyrighted work and has posted, on Facebook page that creates confusion with regard to the originality of the product. The exclusive right of our client was infringed by such act and comes under Copyright Infringement.

The copyrighted work in issue was a hoodie that our client used to design and published at their own website. But the infringer has copied the same item and posted by creating a Facebook page. This act infringed an exclusive rights of our client.

Here the DMCA Act comes enthusiastically. DMCA Act i.e. the Digital Millennium Copyright Act has come into power to counteract copyright encroachment over web. All the online interfaces agree and act as needs be with this Act. According to DMCA, if an appropriate DMCA see is send to the web-based interface following all the legitimate compliances, at that point the web-based interfaces are committed to evacuate the encroaching material.

Before Removal                

  After Removal

Lex Protector International Law Office are continually attempting to help the clients whose rights are being encroached in any frame. We have effectively evacuated the copyright encroachment materials for our client whose copyrighted pictures were duplicated. Lex Protector’s DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice Service helps their client inside and out conceivable to give the best outcome.

Our expert DMCA group have evade the infringer, who had replicated pictures of our client’s copyrighted pictures with no specialist for their business reason, by sending them DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice. Also, inside negligible day and age we could ready to cripple the infringer from utilizing those replicated pictures from their site.

Sending a DMCA see isn’t a simple undertaking. On the off chance that the notice isn’t appropriate or substantial, at that point the web-based interface would not give careful consideration to the protestation. Also, if a meritless case is submitted, there may emerge circumstance where the complainant needs to confront legitimate result. Hence, looking for an expert help for evacuation of copyright encroachment or some other encroaching material, is constantly proposed.


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