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We came across a case where our client was a seller at Our client was engaged into selling of jewellery at the own website. One of the seller from the same website used to copy the images along with the product description and keeps on selling the products without any authorization from the client. The copying of images as well as the product description will be termed as Copyright Infringement. In order to generate more profit, individuals are in the habit of infringing other’s rights and use their product information in order to attract the customers. This is a way to deceive the customers by representing other’s goodwill.

At United States site the infringement took place. One of the infringer from the website used to copy the jewellery items from the client’s website and posted the same at The infringer neither request nor been authorised to use client’s products in anyway. Therefore, it shows a clear case of Copyright Infringement. And here the concept of DMCA i.e. Digital Millennium Copyright Act comes into play.

This Act helps to give an aid to the copyright owner. In our case, we also took the help of DMCA to solve the case, where we could successfully take down the infringements that were made by the other party.

Before Removal                                                After Removal

At Lex Protector, these type of copyright owners get their rights back within minimum time. The firm aims at giving justice to the owners of the copyright who used to express their intellect in different artistic forms. These expression are the assets of the owners and Lex Protector understand its value. With proper and valid format, the notice is given stating the consequence of the infringement. And at last Lex Protector International Law office succeed in giving 100% client satisfaction.


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